Our Members

It's that time of year again!  Time to renew your membership!

The following people and organizations have signed up as Coalition members for the 2018-19 membership year. Their support shows commitment to the work we do on behalf of Washington County's children and families, a willingness to lend their names to a powerful advocacy effort, and some economic savvy as they reap the benefits of membership.

Not a member? It's as little as $10 (really!) and you can sign up right now online.

Current Coalition Members include the following

Businesses or Foundations - Annual Fee = $150:


Nonprofit Agencies - Annual Fee = $100:

Practitioner Membership  Annual Fee - $25

  • Elda Dawber, MSW
  • Lori Duffy, MSW
  • Ellen Flannery-Schroeder, PhD
  • Susan Harnett, LICSW
  • Laura Lehrman, LICSW
  • Susan Orban, LICSW
  • Melinda Walsh, MSW
  • Individual Membership - Annual Fee = $10
  • Terry Lee Cafferty
  • Joseph Carr
  • Julie Casimiro
  • Terri Cendsabella
  • Amanda Deniger
  • Karen Dolan
  • Rupert Friday
  • Robert Harrison
  • Bob Hicks
  • Lori-Ann Hiener
  • Jeffrey Hill
  • Louise Kiessling
  • Andrea Martin
  • Bart Martin 
  • Karen Murphy
  • Roberta Mueller
  • Scott Mueller
  • Sara Remington
  • Leigh Reposa
  • Hope Rittner
  • Mary Roda
  • Lori Roeleveld
  • Gloria Roman
  • Kathy Sullivan
  • Claudia Swain
  • Teresa Tanzi
  • Tom Tessitore
  • Donna Walsh
  • Pam Watson
  • Kathleen Yeager

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